We are a volunteer-run platform initiated to connect assistance providers and seekers, and publish credible data and information about the Covid-19 status quo in Nepal.
Covid-19 has spared none; it has affected everyone alike. Add to that, misallocation of resources and ineffective handling of public crisis, a country like ours can be rendered helpless.
Albeit late, the authority has sought to make amends to the deteriorating condition and has implemented a lockdown. Covid Connect Nepal is an attempt to secure health resources for those in need, and try to reduce the burden that currently stands on authorities alone.
Besides mapping live demands for Covid-19 essentials like beds and oxygen and emergency demands, the website will also allow people to anonymously send us tips about mismanagement if there are any.
Time and again, the people of our country have been known for standing up for each other at the most dire times. We are but one more group in that long list of instances.
हामी हाम्रै लागि
Covid Connect Nepal